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More and more people are using the internet and they open hundred of websites daily for their entertainment and refreshment. There are millions of websites on the internet accessed by different people to find different things. Everyone on the internet wants to hack someone’s website. It is not quite possible to hack a website but here are some tips and tricks which help to hack a website. These tips and tricks are for only Educational Purposes.

Steps and Tricks

  • Protect your website

Before giving tricks to hack a website we provide several steps to secure your website from hackers.

  1. SQL Injection
  2. Denial of Service Attacks (DOS)
  3. Cross-Site Scripting
  4. Cookies
  5. Form Tempering
  6. Code Injection
  7. Secure Web Application
  8. Secured Hosting
  9. Security Analyzer Tools
  • Hack a website

We are proving some tips and tricks to hack a website which are using CMS, or custom HTML, PHP, and any other language.

  1. WordPress: You can hack a WordPress website by simply using your own guess to find an admin password or username. The most username is admin and the password must be the company name, mobile number and any other will also possible. If you can guess a password then you can simply log in to the admin dashboard and change website settings or even you can delete the website.
  2. HTML: You can have a custom HTML website by guessing and getting the source code of the website and creating your own website using similar websites by using their source code. Sometimes some websites have their passwords hidden in their source code. You have to find a great brain or thinking ideas to hack a website.

Other Tricks will be Available Soon!

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