Top 10 most dangerous spiders in the world there are around 50,000 species of spiders on the planet and their dangerousness.

1.Mouse spider










Mouse spider this eight-legged Australian creature is named after the creepy hairy abdomen that resembles a rodent 17 species have been identified in total and they range between point three nine and one point three seven inches in length they live near water channels and depending on the time they stay in their burrows waiting for prey or they also go out to wander without destination knowing this you must walk more attentive than ever so you don’t cross with this arachnid who will not hesitate to use its huge fangs that have a poison similar to that of the fearsome Sydney funnel spider which is potentially dangerous if they feel threatened they will unleash their furyand that can lead to death because they have a high level of toxicity it’spoison affects the nervous system and spreads rapidly throughout the body after the bite if the symptoms are immediate a doctor should be called in order to apply the corresponding antidotes if there are no effects consider yourself a lucky one becauseyou only received one dry bite that is without poison fluid.