The Most Dangerious Spiders In The World You’ve Never Seen Before II Must Read

4.Red back spider










red back spider this spider has a particular linear red marking on its abdomen and is cataloged within its genus as letter O Dec dis has silletti the female reaches 0.39 inches in length while the male measures 0.15 inches long it feeds on insects including spiders and eventually small lizards its tiny size is complemented by its agility becoming a great threat to anyone we can find it inside mailboxes or under the toilet lid as well as in gardens that is why its contact with humans is common the report of bites of this creature indicates that there are approximately 2,000 per year females being responsible for the majority perhaps in their eagerness to defend not lethal because there is an antidote the painful sting will cause nausea followed by total paralysis of the body if the victim is not treated within .


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