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Simple Tricks to Make Money on Snapchat 2022 – Snapchat Earning

With many of us spending  our time on social media, it’s normal for us to start to think how we could use this time to make some money. And wondering how to make money on Snapchat is definitely part of that.

After all, Snapchat is now one of the fastest-growing social media platforms – including being one of the few that’s publicly traded.

And one of the reasons for its rapid growth is because of how popular it’s become for users looking to make money on their platform, as well as for businesses looking to promote their brand.

Both of these things together can mean that if you do it properly, Snapchat can be a great place for you to make some extra cash.

 Make Money on Snapchat
Make Money on Snapchat

What is Snap chat?

Snapchat is a platform that lets you send photos or short videos of up to 10 seconds – known as “snaps” – either to select contacts or the public.

You can add masks, filters, emojis, captions, drawings and more to your snaps, which are then made available for a short period of time. When time’s up, the relevant snap is no longer accessible to your followers.

And based on this simple concept, since it was established in 2011, Snapchat quickly became a massive player in the world of social media.

This included then-innovative features like, in November 2014, when Snapchat created “Snapcash” – although this was shut down three years later.

It then introduced its “Discover” area in 2015, which contains channels of ad-supported short-form content from major sites, like BuzzFeed, CNN and Vice.

In early 2017, Snapchat started trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Then, in June that year, Snapchat began allowing users to add links to snaps.make Money on Snapchat

As you’ll see below, this was a game changer for those looking for how to make money on Snapchat, as it allowed users to direct viewers to specific websites, such as their own products and services or those of affiliates.

Users and other numbers
According to this article, a few quick facts about Snapchat are:

1.3 trillion Snaps were created last year
It’s used by 218 million daily users
90% of 13 to 24 year olds and over 75% of 13 to 34 year olds in the US use it
This means that any efforts to make money on Snapchat must be with a focus on these key demographics.

(It also means that Snapchat could be a great way for teens to make money – or anyone else in those age groups.)

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How to make money on Snapchat

The ways to make money on Snapchat are a little different from the other social media platforms, largely due to a difference in how messages are sent on it.

For example, with something like Facebook, you can post something that aims to make money and know that it will be there until it’s bumped down by something else.

With Snapchat though, you have to use to your advantage the fact that messages are only viewable for a short period of time.

This means things that can grab attention quickly are probably going to do better than the more slow-burn method of other platforms.

Some specific ways for how to make money on Snapchat are listed below.

1. Create Snap Ads

Snap Ads are a great way to promote any products or services you offer. In fact, Snapchat’s ads have a click-through rate that’s around five times as high as those for equivalent platforms, according to this article.

This means that once you have eyes on your ad, you’ve got a far better chance than on other sites for someone to actually click on it and start making you money.

How to make money on Snapchat ads

By running ads for your business or perhaps a specific product or service you offer, you can send Snapchat users to anywhere you want then to potentially purchase or sign up for something.

Reports are that between 500,000 and 1 million users check Snap Ads every single day, so you’ll definitely have an audience for your ads. Just make sure you target them towards the main demographic using the platform.

How to buy Snapchat ads

Snapchat has a built-in ads manager to help you buy and manage any ads you run.

Given the higher click-through rate for Snap Ads compared to other platforms, you’re going to pay more than on sites like Facebook to run your ads. For example, it’s reported that one campaign could start at $3,000 per month in ad spend.

And one thing to note is that Snap Ads aren’t available to buy in every country. If you find the option doesn’t appear for you, try using a VPN app, like one offered by Hola called Fake GPS Location.

Use geofilters to promote a place or event that relates to your business

Geofilters are designs that users can put over their pictures and that are only available if you’re in a certain area at a certain time. That is, they’re “geofenced”.

People often use them for events like weddings, to show the couple’s name and the wedding date on photos taken by attendees, and major sports matches, to put the name and logo of the team you support on your photo. and make money on SnapchatThey also work as a way to show where you were when a specific photo was taken, like at a certain beach or park.

Can you make money from Snapchat filters?

You can definitely make money from Snapchat filters.

All you have to do is design your filter, choose a start and end time, pick a location and submit your order.

If you’re a business, you’ll need to include your business name so those who use your filter know it’s sponsored.

But whether or not you’re looking to use them for personal reasons or to promote your business, geofilters can be a great way to increase awareness for your brand in the location you select.

Keep in mind that you can’t include phone numbers or URLs when making a geofilter available. But with a bit of creativity in terms of how to get your business’ message across, there’s no reason why you can’t use Snapchat to make money in this way.

3. Promote your products through your content

Using content you post to make money on Snapchat can be one of the best, most organic ways to use the app to generate income.

This is different from a sponsored post, which we’ll discuss below.

Instead, this involves using your creativity to harness the power of the app to get people to know who you are.

There are literally hundreds of emojis, sticks, filters, drawings and other things you can add to your Snaps to capture people’s attention.

And noting that you only have a few seconds for them to take notice, you’re going to have to make your message strong.

You’re also trying to appeal to the millennial demographic, so it’s a good idea to tailor your message accordingly.

But noting that you can add links to your snaps, this is your chance to craft the perfect call to action to encourage people to actually click the link they’re being shown.

How much money can I make with Snapchat?

Make Money on Snapchat
 Make Money on Snapchat

With Snapchat, you can make anything from a few dollars to literally millions of dollars in sales.

Obviously, the top level of earnings is only going to be open to massive influencers or major companies.

But even if you’re not at the “massive cosmetics company” end of the scale, you can still use Snapchat to make serious money.

Affiliate marketing, for example, can generate tens of thousands of dollars in commission payments.

Sure, it will take some time to build your audience up to that level. But once you do, the pay off can be huge – literally.

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Tips on how to make money on Snapchat

So we’ve run through the different ways for how to make money on Snapchat. Now you’re wondering how to actually put them into action.

Well, there are some tips you can use to maximize your earning potential with Snapchat:

Increase your audience
This may sound obvious, but the bigger your following, the more money you’ll make. So, logically, it’s a good idea when starting out to focus on building your audience as much as possible.Make Money on Snapchat
(We’ll go through some expert tips on how to do this below.)

Post consistently
The more consistent you are, the more people will regularly check back to see what your latest Snap is about.

If they know to expect something epic from you every day, for example, you may start to build a following of people keeping an eye out for what each day’s post is going to be.


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