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How to start a Blog in 2021 – Easy Steps

Are you looking for your personal blog? A new idea starts here!

Requirements of Starting a Blog

  • You have to choose a perfect & unique name for your blog
  • You have to buy hosting (Free hosting also works)
  • Setup your blog
  • Customize your blog that how your blog looks like
  • Start writing Unique Content for your blog
  • Promote blog on Facebook & Other Social Media Platforms
  • Get Users & Traffic

Chose a Unique Name

You have to choose a unique and perfect name for your blog and make your blog a brand like other blogs such as Tech Juice, Pro Pakistani & other international & national blogs. You have find your name with little effort and some ideas like if you are starting a tech blog you may choose names like Tech Guru, WP Developer, & many more names like this. One thing that you have to more focused is that your name will be unique and there are less competitors of your blog. It will help to rank your website & blog on Google & other Search Engines.

Hosting & Domain

For showing your website on internet & globally you need a domain name for your blog. Your domain name also contains tour blog name like described above but if you are not finding a domain with extensions like .com, .org, .net then choose extensions like .xyz .pk, and more. You also need a hosting to host your website. Normally most of the hosting are paid and starting from $1/Year, the paid hosting are good then free hosting. Free hosting is slow & lazy then paid hosting because paid hosting providers give SSD, and faster loading and it is also said that if your website takes almost 1 minute to load then user will go back. Therefore , we recommend you to have paid hosting for your business, blog, etc.

Setup & Customization

In case of setup your website or blog you can use WordPress, a most secured & reliable platform for making professional blogs & startups. You have simply go to your hosting plan and install WordPress on your domain and now configure your settings as you want. You can change your blog appearance by changing Themes & make your blog looks like a professional bloggers. You can add functions to your blog like Comments, Share Options, Newsletter, etc functions by using simply WordPress Plugin which are mostly free. You can add Messenger Talk direct to your blog and users can contact directly and many other details will provide soon.

Writing & Blogging

Now, its time to start writing your blog to get users & traffic. You have to find a unique topic to write on it. Write as good you can write. Don’t copy content from other blogs because it will let to your blog bad ranking on Search Engines & you will not get traffic. Write on a unique topic like if you are starting a Tech Blog then find a topic like Security, Video Editing, etc.

More Guides about Blog Writing Will be available soon!

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