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How to install Windows 11 on your pc or laptops

As everyone knows that Microsoft officially launches Windows 11 for personal computers, laptops & other businesses. Now it’s time to upgrade to Windows 11. Which has a unique theme & design for computer users to manage your pc with a great & advanced user interface. In this article, we will explain that how to install Windows 11.

Installation Steps

  • Download Windows 11 ISO File

First of all, you need Windows 11 ISO file to install it on your PCs or Laptops, etc. To get an official & virus-free ISO file you can get it from the Microsoft Official website but from their official website, you have to purchase Window to get all premium features and get activated your license. If you have to get activated window free then you can download it from Get Into PC and download all files and enjoy activated window without any purchase.

  • Make USB Bootable

After downloading the window ISO file now you have to copy your ISO file to your USB device to install it on your PCs, Laptops, etc. But if you can direct extract ISO files to USB then you can’t install Windows due to boot error. You have to install Rufus and run it on your computer and select your USB which you want to make bootable and choose your ISO file and click the start button for extracting and making your USB bootable.

  • Installation

Now it’s time to install windows on your computer. You can install it directly by running the EXE file in your USD drive but we recommend you install it from your boot menu. To access your boot menu you have to restart your computer. Usually, in almost all systems you can simply access your boot menu by pressing the F12 button. Now you have to select your USB device and your installation will start depending upon your device performance.


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