Blogging can help you earn while you have fun in writing -
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Blogging can help you earn while you have fun in writing

Everyone has favorite hobbies and we all think about turning them into a career of our dreams. Who doesn’t like to have fun and earn at the same time? Blogging offers an easy way for this. A research by Telegraph showed fashion bloggers earned $1400 average per year in 2014 from affiliate marketing alone. Imagine if Pakistani women started reviewing products from Khaadi and Sana Safinaz.

With the tone set, here are some categories of blogging which can help you earn, while you have fun:

  • Food and Cooking

Around 91% people trust online sources if they want to find a recipe according to a survey by BlogHer. Pinch of Yum is a well established food blog which went from a ridiculously low $21 per month to $66,000 profit.

Yummy‘s Facebook page is extremely popular due to quick one-minute tutorials on how to make brownies or cheesy garlic bread and so on. You can get started in a similar fashion.

Food is probably one of the biggest and hottest topics on the internet. Ask yourself, you would have searched online for the recipe of Shahi Tukray or figure out how you can make the perfect milkshake. This is a hugely recommended field for those who love to cook and are eager to share their secret cooking recipes with others on the internet.

  • Entertainment

The easiest way to get started in the Entertainment niche is by a Facebook Page. You can share jokes on Facebook and make funny videos to develop a fan following. If you have an enough audience, you will be sponsored by some top companies like Sprite and to endorse and promote their products. Furqan Shayk, Bekaar Vines and others earn from this model.

If you are a moviegoer, write a review of the most recent film you watched in the theatre because your friends will be dying to know your rating. If you are a voracious reader, you can write about the most recent book you read and this will not only increase your knowledge but also develop your skills as a writer. Reading is an essential part of growing your vocabulary.

  • Fitness and Sports

Henry Croft quit his 9-to-5 job to start GymTalk which achieved a turnover of $15,000 in the very first year. Bloggers like him are popular on Instagram where they share their daily fitness routines. Fitness bloggers also share video tutorials on YouTube. Sometimes we feel eager to put on our running shoes and hit the track. People search online for inspiration and fitness routines to get their bodies back into shape.

You can also blog regarding cricket and share your thoughts regarding Pakistan’s performance in a recent series. It is particularly viral during the World Cup so you will be able to attract a lot of readers and hence earn revenue. Other sports can also be similarly covered.

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